Mold Testing

Air Allergen and Mold Testing’s inspection for mold and mildew begins with a phone discussion about the reasons for your concern, any health symptoms, such as asthma, allergies, headaches or loss of energy; details about your property; and any unusual events such as odors, visible mold and mildew or water intrusion. How much is a mold inspection for your property can be determined during this discussion.moldinspector

Air Allergen’s mold inspector begins with a visit to inspect your property. Based on your concerns, air and dust samples are taken during the inspection to determine how much mold or mildew is present, where it is present, how mold growth has been influenced by intermittent events, what to do about it, and how to reduce mold growth in the future. Unless otherwise requested, Air Allergen and Mold Testing is most often able to schedule an appointment the same day or within 1 day of your inquiry.

Air Allergens Mold Inspection Report: Mold Testing MN

house-mold-owatonna-mn-300x225Each mold inspection report includes:
1. Guidelines to interpret the lab analysis for each type of sample;
2. A summary chart of whether each sample results are within or outside of the guidelines;
3. The significance of the sample results;
4. The inspector’s observations about each area sampled;
5. Suggestions to improve the inspected areas if needed;
6. Guidance about maintaining future indoor air quality and reduce future mold growth;
7. Concluding remarks and cautions;
8. Information about how the mold sample guidelines were established;
9. Remediation guidance and suggestions when remediation is considered;
10. Studies in support of good indoor air quality;
11. Each report includes one or more microphotographs of what was found in the samples.

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